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I am a married women, and mother of three children who works part time as a cook at the Cosmopolitan Club and fulltime as a housewife at home.

I have a few cats -
Floddy, Toody, Ploopoy, Mutha, Boy, Lucky, Mo, Missy, Pik, Pockit, Spaz, Cyborg, Teddy, Karma, Fuglee Arny, Barney and 2 dogs - Tyke and Buddy.

The head of the pet clan passed on recently, that being our big boy Bossman who was a Pedigree Rottweiler. He will be sadly missed. :-(

Dougal Bossman

Others recently departed are: - Joker, Russell, & Foxy

Judy in dance attire

I really enjoy pottering around in the garden, planting flowers, ferns etc although my main interest is Musical Theatre which I appear in locally here in Wanganui, New Zealand.
I have so far been cast in 3 shows - "Half a Sixpence, "Lovers & Clowns, "Salad Days" and was also in a "Hat Parade".
I find it extremely rewarding doing the shows and have also found it an excellent way of meeting new friends.
At this present point in time I am furthering my dance training with Sharon Underwoods School of dance. I enjoy it a lot and it takes up what limited spare time I get.
here to check out my theatre/dancing page and here to go to our photo album.

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