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Kia Ora...  
Today is ANZAC Day. (Australia New Zealand Army Corp) and with a few spare minutes thought it prudent to take a bit of time out to do some updating on the pages.
So much has changed since I was last here that it would take me more hours than I currently have to totally update all the pages so bit by bit I shall proceed.
I have just joined the Associates program and the link on the top right handside of my page will whisk you directly to the site where you can purchase numerous amounts of go take a'll be pleasantly surprised.
Below and on individual pages there will eventually be direct links to items associated with our interests that you can acess directly should you wish to purchase.
Now......on with the updates....cya.

 Welcome image

  My Camouflage Collecting

Camo Collecting Image

page has undergone a more streamlined makeover and sits idley by waiting your perusal.
The collecting is coming along fine and with the great amount of likeminded people out there, new and exciting items are always becoming available.
The new page will not be as intense as the previous one, having mainly an assortment of photos of items in the collection as well as some links to a few other fine people who also enjoy this unusual hobby.
For those of you who are wondering what the picture at left is ........take a look on our main page and figure it out.

Need a bit of kit?? Just contact me then.

Hunting & Fishing  
has been my favourite pastime for as long as I can remember.
As a young lad right up to the present I have gone out into the great outdoors to hunt and fish. Unfortunately my children don't seem to have the same enthuseasm for this past time but hey.....they have their own things to do.
These pages will be kept up to date with pics of any latest hunts appearing here as well as a few hunting stories that I have written.

Hunting & Fishing image

Family Geneology  
pages are to give you a small in sight into who we are and where we came from.
I have worked on my immediate family only so far but hope to be able to branch out and go deeper at a later stage.
If any of the pages contained here are lacking in content it is because the people involved have not yet produced a profile to me to load in.
If anyone is interested in helping out with this project please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Family Geneology image

  Arts and Crafts

Art and craft image

is another pastime that I really like to potter around with. I have always liked drawing and making things with my hands.
I dabble in a variety of mediums ie: pencil sketches, oil painting, scrimshaw, bone carving, glass painting, lead lighting as well as being a very competant Tattoist, having had a number of Tattoo Studios over the years.
Sadly, my current employment at Affco Imlay here in Wanganui does not allow much time to carry on this craft but I still manage to keep my hand in here and there as well as learning more and more about building & designing web pages and grafix.

 My place of work  

is Affco Imlay here in Wanganui where I work as a Quality Assurance inspector.
I plan on getting a page together about the boning room that I am a member of but to do this I must first gain permission from the plant manager to take a few photos of the room and it's members.

Keep an eye out for this page as it will be fairly interesting I assure you.


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