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Glad you
found time to check these pages out.
Here you will find an assortment of different topics all relating to what's up in our neck of the woods in regards to Hunting and Fishing along with my weekly hunting diary that will be updated weekly.

We'll have
a few stories for you to read also, some written by myself, maybe my kids or mates, as well as pics and photos of fishing & hunting.
I hope to
be able to add product reviews of new and old hunting, fishing or outdoor items that my friends and I have bought or been given.
You never know, it may be info that you'll be glad you had?


3rd June 2001 - Went on a hunt with Bob to acquire a couple of Turkeys for a few visiting Americans who were to have thanksgiving dinner with his Dad.

15th June 2001 - Deerstalking and possum shooting, Managed to get a red spiker and 23 possums...great night!!

17th June 2001 - Today Bob and I went deerstalking and we managed to nail a Fallow Stag.

29th June 2001 - Possum hunting once again - 32 possums and a fallow spiker.

6th July 2001 - Hunting with Darryn - shot 2 spikers and 1 stag.

10th July 2001 - Out and about with Ben and Dave - tally of 3 spikers. 11th July 2001 - A carry on from yesterday with 1 spiker being shot today.
18th July 2001 - Mike, Ben, Dave and I went out for a looksy and only managed to see a dozen deer but never managed to get a shot....took our frustration out on a few goats keep them under control in the forestry block. 4th August 2001 - Hunting with Ross Clark  "The Plumber"....mid morning start,...a great day out with the added bonus of securing a couple of deer as well....1 fallow stag and a hind.

8th September 2001 - Out for a day with cousin Darryn and workmate Peter Atkins.....12 good fallow stags seen, managed to shoot 2 of the not to bad ones and 1 young spiker.

 13th October 2001 - Caught up with an old buddy (Pommy Paul) and took him and my oldest son (Zane) out to look for a deer. Managed to get a couple of fallow spikers.
 20th October 2001 - Out for some venison with Bob Spooner and Murray Hughs. All 3 of us managed to secure a deer to take home.  

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