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My Camo Pages
I finally found a bit of spare time (don't get much of that nowadays) but due to an unscheduled shutdown of my place of work (Affco Imlay) I am able to do a bit of revamping.
Not a lot has changed in my personal life but there has been quite a few changes in the camo world since my last update almost 2 years ago!!

There appears to be a lot of camo out there on the web at present, both military and commercial and mostly at very reasonable prices.
Items here in New Zealand are pretty few and far between due to the current policy of the NZ Army not allowing any of their surplus camo equipment to get to any surplus stores.
Apparently they were getting brassed off with seeing all the so called street kids (we'd call them eXtreme Sportsman) wearing the uniform and thought the possibility was there to bring it into some sort of disrepute. More likely it was some sort of internal political thing which in that case takes the matter away from the thinking of us mere mortals and into the realms of something we no nothing about. :-) but truth be known neither do they!
Anyway back to the matter in hand....check out the links below. It is all pretty self explanatory.

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