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Bone art heading

First off, most of the bone carvings that are done either by myself or associates are based on typical maori or New Zealand themes and are along the lines of the following -

KIWI - Native bird of New Zealand and National Emblem.
KORU - Pertains to life, growth, movement, new beginning, new life - a stylization of a growing Fern frond.
MANIA - Is A Spiritual Guardian.
DOLPHIN - Dolphins are seen as a good omen.
PATU - Hand fighting weapon.
SEAHORSE - Loyal or loyalty.
TANGAROA - Guardian of the ocean.
TIKI - Maori stylization of a Human figure.
WARRIOR - Warrior's defiance and strength in fighting.
WHALETAIL - Speed and strength as well as being a good luck charm

Many hours of work goes into each piece hence the finely detailed and polished finish on all peices.

Bone art 2

Scrimshaw art

I find this form of art a very relaxing pastime.
Most pieces I do are done so while in the downtime while out hunting or fishing, or in the early hours of the morning when I unwind from a hard night at work....much more productive than reading a book.... for me anyway.
I do any design/pictures requested by friends but do have a preference for hunting and fishing orientated themes.
My main medium for this is deer antler buttons (gleaned from deerfarms after the stags have shed them) and beef bone (usually after it has been put onto knife handles or into rifle stocks etc.

Tatto art heading

I started Tattooing many years ago and still do it today although, as always I never seem to have enough time to do all the people who want one.
I don't specialize in any particular style but really enjoy (once again) the hunt/fishing and outdoor designs.
I am always being asked to do maori type designs which I gladly do for customers on the proviso that they have researched their particular design to conform to their or their partners tribes.
There is still a demand out there for the thicker bolder type outline tats and I can accomodate this but have a preference for very fine lined black or coloured work.

My machines of choice are Spaulding & Rogers Liteweights. Click here to view some of my other works.


Shetches heading


Again, the inspiration for most of my drawings come from the outdoors. I enjoy oil painting, airbrushing, as well as charcoal and pencil sketching.
I'll keep my
pics page of drawings, paintings etc updated regularly.

Poker art heading

Now here's something that is actually quite a bit of fun.
The themes usually remain the same due to personal preference but I have done and still do any and everything requested.
The aromas that eminate from the different types of wood while burning the images is really quite nice and adds to the pleasure of undertaking projects in this medium.


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