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Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Details:

Date of Birth:
    June 3rd 1962

Place of Birth:

George Potaka
George Potaka (GI)

    Te Atihau Nui A Paparangi

   Ngati Pamoana




  • Primary 1967 - 1974 Kakatahi School

  • Secondary 1975 - 1979 Wanganui Boys College
    • School Certificate:
      • English
      • Art
      • Woodwork

Employment History:

1997 - 2001 AFFCO Imlay

  • Meatworker

    Started out as a pretrimmer and then moved up to a more challenging roll, that being the operation of the scales and strapping machine. This task involved the computerized weighing and packaging of meat products and precise labelling applications for all product bound for export to overseas destinations.

  • Quality Assurance Inspector

    Because of the prolonged exposure to Stanpac numbers and the ability to retain and recall information quickly I applied for and was successful in acquiring a position within the QA sector of the plant. This position involves the critical checking of all product leaving the cutting room and filling out and filing all the associated paperwork on time and accurately.

  • Cutting Room 2 IC

    I am currently tasked with being the main QA Inspector for our cutting room as well as on frequent occasions picking up the role of acting Supervisor. This involves not only normal QA tasks but also the overseeing of 2 other QA's who rotate on a weekly basis, liasing with Management and Compliance personnel and MAF Vets when issues of concern are raised by any of these parties. ie: monitoring procedures, system faults, personnel non-compliance issues etc. I also work closely with the room Health & Safety Officer in the form of minute taking from meetings, finalising and typing reports of various kinds and emailing them to the appropriate people as well as filing them in our own departmental records. The job also requires the regular updating of personnel training records, gear issues, and a multitude of other in house records.

    • Note: Our cutting room processes multiple species ie: Lamb, Bobby Calves and Mutton and therefore the paperwork and problems triple in comparison to a single species room.

  • Sampling Coordinator Backup

    Should the Sampling Coordinator be absent then I am the next port of call. I am fully signed off on the collection of all types of samples required and these include the swabbing of both hot carcases from on the slaughter floor and cold carcases on the cooling floor and chillers. National Microbiological Database (NMD) sampling is also carried out in the various cutting rooms as is water sampling and air sampling. The job also consists of filling out the correct paperwork for each type of sample taken, and then the packaging and dispatch via courier to the lab for testing.

1985 - 1996 Tattoos by G.I George

  • Tattooist
    • Operated a Tattoo Studio in Palmerston North for 4 years before returning to Wanganui to open up a new shop. The new studio was a dual affair as I ran an Army Surplus/Camping Equipment venture at the front and Tattooed from the back.
    • Still actively involved in this dynamic industry and enjoy the many and varied opportunities given in meeting an extremely diverse range of people.

1983 - 84 New Zealand Forest Service

  • Culler
    • My outdoor skills were elaborated on during this extremely enjoyable period. A job requiring peak fitness and dexterity at all times due to the unforgiving nature of the terrain being worked in and the types of equipment being used.
    • Ground shooting and Helicopter shooting were my primary tasks.
    • Holder of current NZ Firearms License.

1980 - 1983 Wanganui Decorators

  • Interior & Exterior Decorating Apprentice
    • Sound grounding in all aspects of the trade.
    • Sat and passed 1st & 2nd Qual at Wellington Polytechnic.

Extra Curricular Activeties:

  • Design, Art, and the World Wide Web
    • I have had exposure to and am conversant with Computers as well as a range of software applications pertinent to particular tasks ie: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint Shop Pro, etc. With these tools I have been able to use my artistic skills to my advantage by designing and producing many forms of media for local people and organizations.
  • These include:
    • Flyers
    • Pamphlets
    • Letterheads
    • Business Cards
    • Posters
    • Signs
    • Custom made CD ROMs

  • I have always enjoyed all forms of practical art and a number of years ago I dabbled in HTML so as to be able to make myself a Web Page. I am now able to competently design, build and maintain web pages of all styles and do so for a number of friends and family and also help with graphic designs for many others.
  • My website portfolio at present contains mainly family pages and these can be viewed by clicking on the titles below.

Other Pages

Hunting & Fishing

Having been born in a small rural town and raised on the Parapara Highway, hunting and fishing was just a way of life for me. There are many childhood memories that come to mind in regards to this past time but in those early days it was all done to help keep the cupboards full. Eels and trout from the river, pigs and deer from the bush, along with geese, turkeys ducks etc etc. Later in life I discovered the joy of sport hunting/fishing and have partaken in it most weekends for most of my life. All outdoor activities are in my blood; from hiking on Mt Ruapehu with school trips to teaching young hunters about bushcraft and firearm is something I really enjoy.


  • Competent in word processing and typing
  • Good liaison with people
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Able to take responsibility
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experienced in customer relation skills
  • Very good interpersonal skills both in person and on the telephone

Personal Qualities:

  • Able to work in a team or alone
  • Honest reliable and punctual
  • Dependable and adaptable
  • An eye for detail
  • Can relate well to people of all ages, races and creeds
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent practical skills


  • Robert (Bob) Spooner
    • Property Valuer
          • Bycroft Petherick Ltd
    • Home: (06) 343 2729
    • Work: (06) 345 3959
    • Email:

  • Deborah Brett-Atkins
    • Contract Consultant
          • Ali Arc Industries
          • Lucky Pet foods
    • Ph: (06) 344 2078
    • Mobile: 021 921 647

  • Tony Collins
    • Lamb Cutting Supervisor
          • Affco NZ (Imlay)
    • Home: (06) 345 2125
    • Work: (06) 344 5179 Ext: 704

  • Ross Clark
    • Managing Director
          • Ross Clark - THE PLUMBER
    • Home: (06) 343 8953
    • Work: 025 473 852

  • Mike Stanford
    • Regional Manager
          • Alstom
    • Home: (06) 343 2888
    • Work: (06) 348 7356
    • Email:

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