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This page is being put up as a source of information for family and friends of the workers in this room because of the question my kids always asked, "what do you do at work?"

Now, hopefully they can check out what it is I actually do.

On these pages you will get a small insight into the daily activeties and running of our cutting room here at AFFCO IMLAY. We used to work out of the largest cutting room at the Imlay plant which we shared with the BEEF BONING ROOM ie: they work the dayshift from in here and we worked the nightshift.

However, we now operate from the bottom room on the Lamb Cutting Side, known on the dayshift as Lamb Cutting 2 and on the nightshift we are BR4. (Boning Room 4)
Our start time is currently 4.15pm and our finish time is usually dependant on the amount of carcases that we are allocated to cut for the night, however we generally work a normal 8 hour shift and on regular occasions do a substancial amount of overtime.

At present I have yet to gain permission from the Plant Manager to take a few photos on Plant and get general approval from other members in the room but as soon as I do I'm sure this will be a much visited site.